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Tuesday 11am-7pm

Wednesday 11am-7pm

Thursday 11am-7pm

Friday 11am-7pm

Saturday 11am-7pm

(920) 489-8080

Old Hallows Tattoo is a professional tattoo studio

located in the Historic East Astor Park neighborhood of Green Bay, Wisconsin.


Established in early 2022, Old Hallows Tattoo is distinguished as a modern studio represented by a hand-picked and diverse assortment of artists. All sharing the same common passion for art and tattoos. The studio offers a one-to-one experience in relaxed surroundings and is quickly becoming a much loved part of the community. If you're looking to get your first tattoo or you want to add to your existing collection, we're sure to be the perfect fit, regardless of your chosen and preferred style.

Professional Tattooing

A tattoo parlor means nothing if the tattoo artists aren't good. You wouldn't want to show up at parlor and begin the process of getting a tattoo without knowing the skill-level of the artists they employ.

When searching for the proper place to get a tattoo make certain that you do your research. Tattoos must be applied in a clean environment and required to use sterile needles along with single use disposable supplies.

This is necessary in order to prevent any infection or disease from entering the wound. With tattooing, hygiene is not to be compromised and you don't want to risk your health for a couple hundred dollars.

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